Wednesday, January 25, 2012

But it's in the catalog!

Recently on the Central Texas Library System listserv, there was a thread on what unually collections public libraries had.  Cake pans seemed to be predominent--Georgetown Public Library and Liberty Hill Library had them.  Really, how many times are you going to use that Big Bird cake pan? Years ago at Harris County Public Library in the Houston area, I was at a branch library that had a cataloged set of car jumper cables.  They were mostly used in the library's parking lot.

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So, what else is out there?  Ohio libraries have some unique holdings.  There's a educational toy collection at the Champaign County Library in Ohio, and also at the Cuyahoga County Public Library.  Another cake pan collection is available at Montpelier Public Library, and at the Hubbard Public Library. Canal Fulton Library has some equipment for check out--typical gaming stuff, but then there are the humane animal traps, binoculars, short wave radio and sewing machine. 

There's more out there--I just know it. But I just have to find it.

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